We specialise in offering an unrivalled approach to all your scaffolding needs. With over 12 years of scaffolding experience, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of customer satisfaction in London by continually exceeding our client’s expectations. We strive to be the very best in the business with professionalism & dedication to every job we undertake. We have built our reputation on trust and as a result, we have established great commitment from our repeat clients who have confidence that we always deliver. Ensuring we are one of the safest scaffolding companies in the industry, we ensure we provide a safe environment for the public, our clients and our employees.

Scaffold of any size and shape London

There are many projects where a conventional scaffolding simply won’t do, whether it’s the shape and size of a building, or the weight that’s to be supported. Here at Avaco we can erect bespoke scaffolding to any size or shape.

Rubbish Chutes London

We offer Rubbish Chutes with all of our projects to safely dispose of rubbish whilst carrying out work on the scaffolding.

Crash Deck Platforms London

We offer crash decks that can be used for a variety of jobs such as providing access, edge protection to internal areas, painting internal reception areas or hallways and to take various loadings.

Temporary Roofing Structures London

Most roofing projects that we work on involve the erection of temporary roof structures as either an addition to an existing scaffold structure or as a stand-alone structure. These temporary roofs shelter the construction from weather, dust and environmental damage.

Stair Towers London

Access can be very difficult and expensive we provide all types of stair towers ranging from tube and fitting haki staircases which are light duty and a favorite for most companies as it can be erected in a short amount of time.

Printed Netting London

We offer high quality print netting. Print netting is a very cost-effectively advertise your company or service.